Examples of Lectures, Classes, and Consultations

Be proactive in your allyship! Educate your staff or team on LGBTQ History. Schedule a presentation for your class. Add queer history to your curricula or syllabi. Consult with an expert for exhibits or presentations.

Costs vary depending on the presentation, consultation, or project. Please contact me with descriptions for a quote.

The following are just some examples of presentations or consultations; I can specialize the project to your needs.

A Panorama of LGBTQ American History from 1650 to Today.

The broadest survey of queer history from across America, using pop cultural platforms such as vaudeville, minstrels, Broadway, silent film, talking film, radio, television, comic books, high and low literature, YouTube, social media, and streaming to explore community development, culture, and visibility.

Connecticut / New England LGBTQ History from 1850 to Today.

The same broad sweep as above but looking specifically at the local experience. I can do a specific-to-Connecticut story or expand it to include other areas in New England.

Behind the Screen: How LGBTQ People Shaped Hollywood and Pop Culture 1910s-2020s

A survey of how queer actors, directors, writers, scenic designers, producers, publicists, and content-creators influenced both Hollywood and the world.

Pre-Code and Post-Code Queer Representation

A survey of LGBTQ representation before and after the Production Code enforcement of 1934, which attempted to eliminate queerness entirely from the screen and therefore American consciousness. Directors got around the Code, although not always in positive ways.  

Gay Literary Voices 1945-1985

A consideration of how writers and playwrights as disparate as James Baldwin, Tennessee Williams, Lorraine Hansberry, Gore Vidal, Patricia Highsmith, Audre Lorde, Rita Mae Brown, Patricia Warren, Edmund White, Leslie Fienberg, Armistead Maupin, John Preston, and others revealed and disseminated LGBTQ culture and experience.

Queer Icons: Their Historical Role and Contemporary Function

From Mae West to Madonna, Judy Garland to Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross to Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson to Britney Spears, Cher to Beyoncé, how have these celebrities helped encode and establish gay culture? And yes, men can be gay icons (Marlon Brando, James Dean, Harry Styles).

Queer Cultural Influence from Stonewall to Today

The aesthetics inspired by LGBTQ demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, love-ins, rallies, drag balls, and bookstores tells us a great deal about the rise of today’s global influence, which shapes everything from fashion and music to art and filmmaking to political protest.


I also work as a consultant on developing LGBTQ History for curricula, programs, trainings, and exhibits. Perhaps you want to add discussions of the AIDS epidemic to your health or psychology classes. Perhaps you want to make sure LGBTQ experience is integrated into your survey of American history. Perhaps you want to integrate queer history in an exhibit or a discussion you are planning. Perhaps you want some expert advice for a paper or a book.